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About the Commission

According to the current resolution, the NCRPU is "a permanent and highest independent scientific collegiate and expert advisory body on radiation protection and radiation safety of the population of Ukraine".

The NCRPU in its activity is guided by the Constitution of Ukraine, acts of the President of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the concept of radiation protection of the population of Ukraine in connection with the Chornobyl catastrophe, laws of Ukraine "On protection of humans from ionising radiation", "On the use of nuclear energy and radiation", "On the Legal Regime of the Territory of the Radioactive Contamination as a result of the Chornobyl Disaster", "On the Status and Social Protection of the Citizens Affected by the Chornobyl Disaster", as well as other regulatory acts and the NCRPU Regulations.

In its activity, the NCRPU uses the recommendations and conclusions of international organisations of which Ukraine is a member and / or with which it has agreements of cooperation in assessing the impact of ionising radiation on human health and on the issues of radiation protection of the population.

The main purpose of the NCRPU is to determine the general principles and criteria for radiation protection of human life and health from the negative effects of ionising radiation.

The NCRPU participates in the development and formulation of legislation and policies on the state regulation of nuclear and radiation safety, the management of radioactive materials and radioactive waste, in the development and implementation of basic concepts, principles, rules, standards and measures of radiation protection in Ukraine, recommendations for reducing the health impact of the radiation factor and the economic and social consequences of ionising radiation on the population of Ukraine, as well as in the formation of system of legal, social, economic and organisational measures to ensure radiation protection and the protection of life and health in Ukraine.

Develops the main directions and priorities as well as ways of complex solutions of scientific, technical, economic and social problems in the field of radiation protection.

Coordinates scientifically justified admissible levels (norms) of radioactive contamination of the environment, the content of radioactive substances in food and agricultural products, air, soil, water, as well as measures to limit human, natural, industrial, medical and household exposure. Determines the criteria for establishment of radioactively contaminated territories and the development of proposals for measures of radiation protection of the population, personnel and environment in these areas.

Carries out scientific-expert analysis of draft laws, as well as other regulations in the field of radiation protection of the population and radiation safety, examination of plans for the construction of nuclear power plants, enterprises using sources of ionising radiation and objects of radioactive waste management, nuclear fuel and other sources of ionising radiation and their disposal, is involved in the environmental expertise of these facilities.

Provides recommendations on the main directions of action in case of radiation accidents, regulatory and methodological documentation on the issues of radiation accident consequences, and expert evaluation.

The Commission is involved in the creation of database management systems for radiation safety standards, radiation and environmental situations in Ukraine, radiation levels, health status of the population and personnel involved in the use of nuclear energy.